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Booking Procedure

Please read the conditions of travel as your booking is subject to the terms listed below. A contract is entered into once your travel agent or receives your deposit and we accept and confirm the booking. Please note that travel arrangements are not confirmed until stated so in writing by Payment of any monies constitutes acceptance and understanding of Terms & Conditions as laid out below, as listed on our website and in our pre travel documentation.



For most custom journeys, a per person deposit of 25% of the program price is required to secure the arrangements, and will be your only obligation until 90 days prior to your departure date. For trips with other deposit and cancelation requirements, your travel specialist will inform you at time of booking. The balance of the cost must be paid 90 days before you travel. Payment should be made to, Mannheim, Germany. If the final balance is not received on time, reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you and to levy cancellation charges. If you book your travel 90 days or prior to departure, the full amount of your trip must be paid in order to confirm the booking.


Air Travel

Most airline tickets are non-refundable once confirmed, however, depending on airline and class of service, exceptions may apply, and you will be notified at time of reservation. Any air tickets issued at any time are subject to the terms of the Airline.


Alterations by You

If you request any amendments to your travel arrangements once your booking has been confirmed, an amendment fee of $150 per alteration may be charged. If you request any changes in services or accommodation, once commencement of travel, will do all possible to accommodate your request, however, should there be any costs incurred due to such amendments, you will be liable for any cancellation/retention charges that may be levied for the previously booked service and for any costs incurred to secure revised arrangements.


Cancellation by You

Should you wish to cancel your travel arrangements, you must notify in writing. Please state the reason for cancellation as you may be covered by your insurance policy.

Please note that for most custom journeys, deposits are refundable minus a per person Administrative Fee of $400 if the cancellation is received more than 91 days prior to departure. You will be advised if your Terms & Conditions are different than listed below by your Travel Specialist at time of booking. For notification received within 90 days of departure, the following cancellation charges are applicable for most custom journeys 



Days before Departure                  Cancellation Charge (some exceptions apply, you will be notified at time of booking)

91 days or longer                            $50 per person Administrative Fee + Air Tickets

90 to 61                                              20% of total land program price + Air Tickets

60 to 31                                              50% of total land program price + Air Tickets

30 to Day of Departure                  100% of total land program price + Air Tickets


Documentation Required For Travel:

Passports, Visas and Your Responsibilities

All travelers require a passport with at least six months validity beyond completion of travel. The client accepts full responsibility for obtaining all travel documentation, including but not limited to passport, entry visa and permits prior to commencement of travel, and is solely responsible for any consequences resulting from missing or defective documentation. Any information or advice given by regarding visas, vaccinations, climate, what to pack, baggage, etc., is purely advisory and provided as a courtesy. is not responsible for any errors or omissions as to the information provided by third parties. Visas may be required to travel to your chosen destination and U.S. citizens should consult with the appropriate Consulates and Embassies. It is the responsibility of the individual traveler to secure the proper documentation prior to commencement of travel.


Travel Warnings

It is the responsibility of The Traveler to become informed about the most current travel advisories and warnings by referring to the U.S. State Department’s travel website at or by phone at 1-888-407-4747. In the event of an active State Department Travel Warning against travel to the specific destination location/s of the trip, should The Traveler still choose to travel, notwithstanding any travel advisory or warning, The Traveler assumes all risk of personal injury, death or property damage that may arise out of the events like those advised or warned against.’ Limits of Responsibilities

Except where otherwise stated in these Terms & Conditions, neither nor any Third Party Supplier can accept liability or pay compensation where our performance of our or our supplier’s contractual obligations is affected by or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss as a result of force majeure. In these terms and conditions force majeure means any event which we / the supplier of the service(s) or the third party supplier could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include but not be limited to; actual or threatened war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, epidemics, fire, and all similar events outside the control of the party concerned. makes arrangements with airlines, hotels and other independent parties to provide the travel services you purchase. We do not own or operate any of the accommodation, transport or other facilities used in connection with our programs. We therefore cannot accept liability for negligence of the staff of these organizations. These parties are independent suppliers over whom we have no direct control. is not liable in the event of any failure by any person or company to render any transportation, accommodation or other travel service to be provided on the journeys, or for expenses incurred due to delays caused by weather, strikes, war, civil disturbances, natural disasters, flight delays, government actions, mechanical failures or any acts of God. cannot assume any responsibility for flight delays, cancellations or missed connections and is not liable for any expenses or consequences resulting therefrom, and such expenses are to be borne by the traveler. When you travel with an airline the Conditions of Carriage of that airline will apply. These conditions are the subject of International Agreements and may limit or exclude liability. Your Travel Agent or the airline can advise you of these conditions. The participant waives any claim against for any damage to, or loss of, property, or injury to, or death of, due to any act, or negligence of any airlines, surface transportation companies, hotels or any person rendering any of the services or accommodations included. cannot be held responsible for any claim, losses, damages for delay of baggage or other properties, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset and disappointment, distress or frustrations, whether physical or mental, resulting from the act or omission of any party providing services. The participant assumes and understands that all travel has inherent risk that may result in injury or death from participation in activities, including but not limited to, driving, hiking, walking, touring, visiting archeological sites, walking on uneven surfaces, riding on rough roads, rafting, boating, canoeing riding in helicopters, on trains, boats, swimming, surfing, horseback or camel riding, and any other activities. Participant knows and is familiar with the activities in their itinerary and is able to confirm that they meet the physical requirements to participate.

All services are subject to the laws of the countries in which these services are rendered. Venue for all claims or disputes shall be exclusively in Mannheim, Germany, whose courts, using German Law, shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Damage claims against shall be limited to the value of the particular item in dispute and not for any incidental, consequential, or special damages. assumes no responsibility for representations made by others including, but not limited to, any employee of or independent travel agent. Payment for reservations on any travel arrangements shall constitute consent to all the provisions in the Booking Terms & Conditions published herein and is binding on all travel participants.




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