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Secret itinerary and places in Greece

- an inspiring itinerary around Greece in pictures -

Meteora - Chalkidiki - Crete - Naxos - Rhodes - Syros

From all the beautiful Islands of Greece we choose for you the best beaches, the hidden little islands, the magical places or unique archaeological sites.

Come with us...

Located in the heart of Greece, east of the Pindos

Mountains and on the outskirts of the small town

of Kalambaka, unique and almost bizarrely shaped

sandstone rocks rise into the sky. These are the

rocks on which the Meteora monasteries are

located. Certainly the most impressive scenery in


Unlike the crowded Cyclades islands of Santorini

and Mykonos, there is no international airport on

Syros. The island is also further away from the

Athenian port of Piraeus than, for example, the

popular day trip destinations Kea and Aegina.

The ferry crossing from Athens takes four hours.

Therefore, Syros island is barely known and yet

fascinating with its colourful houses.

You don't always have to go to the islands to

find beautiful beaches.

Greece has with the region Chalkidiki wonderful

and extraordinary places to visit.

Like the Orange beach which is situated on the

second finger called Sithonia.

A white spot in the turquoise waters of the

Aegean Sea, the island of Naxos is a unique

blend of ancient ruins and beach culture.

The largest island of the Cyclades, Naxos, was

where Zeus the father of all gods spent his


Lindos is also known as the "white village".

Located 55 km southeast of Rhodes city on the east

coast of the Greek island, is one of the most

picturesque places in Greece. On a hilltop high

above the blue sea towers the imposing Acropolis.

Yes, you see it right - pink sand on the pristine

beach at Elafonissi on the island of Crete.

The island of Crete is like a small continent that

has it all and offers everything. Culture, history,

romantic bays and gorges where you can enjoy

hiking. Therefore we recommend to visit this island

when you are in Greece for the first time and do not

have much time.




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