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Secret itinerary and places in Netherlands

- an inspiring itinerary around Netherlands in pictures -

We'll try to impress you by showing less-known or secret places you won't find on a regular guided tour.

Hoorn - Utrecht - Delft - Gouda - Flevoland - Giethoorn

I admit, Amsterdam has its charm. Nevertheless, we found the smaller cities around the city even more beautiful...and as we discovered the tulip fields in Flavoland and the small venice town of the north, we were overwhelmed. Come with us...

Like Amsterdam, Hoorn developed during the 17th century into a very prosperous city. Even today, dozens of monuments and churches bear witness to this historic period. In the beautiful, historic houses of the small town on the IJsselmeer, charming shops and good restaurants can be found today.

Thanks to the long spring with its cool nights, Holland is ideal for growing tulips. The most beautiful tulip fields can be found in the region of Flevoland from early March until April. The floral splendour is so overwhelming and so fantastic. Forget the artificial parks like Keukenhof and visit the real fields!

While in Utrecht, it is not only worth taking a boat trip but also to make a trip to the nearby 

"Kasteel de Haar". 

The Castle de Haar is the largest castle in the Netherlands, located near the city of Utrecht and only half an hour's drive from Amsterdam. This castle looks like a real fairytale castle - just like you would imagine a medieval fort: with towers and surrounded by a moat.

Giethoorn, the dutch Venice has been attracting countless visitors for a while now.

But it's still so romantic that we didn't want to take it out of the route.

So try to visit it during the week to escape the crowds.

Are you fascinated by our route and would like to travel in a similar way? Then let us create your dream itinerary.

Between 1600 and 1800, Delft was one of the most important pottery producers in Europe. The Delft Blue pottery was immensely popular and it's still unique in the world.




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